21CW – Dream weddings that’ll make you shout YES

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What’s your dream wedding? It’s a question we don’t really get asked as queer people but in celebration of YES Week at Joy, 21st Century Women reached out to Melbourne’s LGBTQIA+ community with that exact question. Plus Lindsey brings us a feminist birthday for Australia’s first female prime minister.

A big thank you to all our guests who took the time to record and share their thoughts on marriage: Ella, Justin, Callum, Claudia, Melissa, Ben, Shaun, Leon and Chris Tait – Joy’s program director. And to Jesse for spreading the word on Facebook.

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Music featured in episode nine: Jon Brion ‘Cubes’, Grimes ‘Butterfly’, Steve Lacy ‘Some’, Lady Gaga ‘Joanne’ live in Japan, The xx ‘Replica’,  Brain Children ‘Guts’ and Frank Ocean ‘Godspeed’.