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Who tells us we are gay? So we look gay, should we try to look straight?
One of the things that has intrigued me for a long time, is the fact that people around me knew I was gay before I did. How?
Is this the social indicator of “straight acting”? Did I look Gay? Well I must have, so what constitutes looking Gay?
There are two areas where this issue is going. Firstly some Guy and some women just have that ‘gay’ look, exactly what that is will be what we hope to discover on the show today.
The second point is that some people adapt the image, and the mannerisms and become extreme characterisations of themselves, women get the overly butch or hyper feminine look, and gay guys get completely the ultra butch, or go over the top camp and effeminate.
The next stop is Drag.
So the questions we have to consider is why does this happen? Is it a bad thing?
We’ve heard some outrageous statements about straight men feeling ‘threatened’ in various ways by homosexuals, why are they threatened?
TO discuss this today we have two excellent people who’ll be able to discuss this with us: Chris Sloane and Donna Lyon


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