Workplace Odours, Foot-In-Mouth Moments & Hot Property

Comedy, Health

Anastasia calls Warren out on his offensive tuna breakfast and they ask what workplace smells listeners have had to deal with.

They also discuss moments when they have really put their foot in their mouth.

In today’s hot topics:

  • What plastic surgery would you get?
  • Pole dancing could someday appear at the Olympics
  • New hashtags trending for victims and perpetrators of sexual harassment
  • Sugar banned from YMCA pools
  • A billboard targets ads at passers by
  • The latest updates from The Bachelorette

And maybe the new royal baby is a not-so-hot topic!

They also speak to Professor Margaret Hellard from the Burnet Institute on the sad passing of Adjunct Associate Professor Levinia Crooks AM, who was CEO of the Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine (ASHM) for the past 18 years, and a leader in the field.

Plus hot fajitas, a hands-free toothbrush, Warren befriends a spider and gets ready to sizzle sausages at the Northside Bizarre.