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FILM : ERRORS OF THE HUMAN BODY : Set during winter in a snow covered Dresden, this was thriller set in a genetic research centre, where a doctor has been recently hired to assist in a secret project, the human regeneration gene. All goes well until some competing evil scientists steal some of the secret serum and start experiments on mice. The doctor then gets bitten by the mouse in question, which sets of a chain of weird happenings. Remeniscent of the strange movies of Cronenberg, it was a chase to the end? Spooky but fun.

RUSSIAN FILM FESTIVAL : METRO : Advertised as Russia’s first big budget disaster movie, this was a fun ride on the underground. It started of when a tunnel starts leaking due to a disused lake of water starts seeping into it, and eventually becoming a torrent. One train goes rogue with all this water, crashing into walls and throwing all the passengers around. The torrent of water unleashed mass panic as people try to escape, electrified rails then become a problem, the cars in the city are gridlocked as recue teams try to help the trapped passengers. It was a white knuckleride to the end. It wasn’t really anything viewers of innumerable American disaster movies haven’t shown us before, But being Russian it did make a nice change, and the effects were very good. Worth considering.

SPANISH FILM FESTIVAL : THE BODY : It all started on a dark and stormy night when a woman’s body went missing from the morgue. The husband was brought in for questioning, and then the fun began. Lots of interrogation and lots of strange noises and goings on. There were so many twists and turns that we didn’t pick who-dunnit. The end revelation was very cleverly done. A little overplayed and corny but fun for those who love murder mysteries. And it was Spanish. But don’t ask me what happened when the husband dropped some evidence in the toilet and it wouldn’t flush away because I’m not tellin’.

SPANISH FILM FESTIVAL : THE SUMMER SIDE : As Miranda’s mother would say “What fun!” This was a very Spanish film about a very disfuntional very extended family. It had everything, fueding sisters at a funeral, a gay son, a daughter’s suicide, another unwed daughter’s pregnancy, and rampant sleeping around. The characters were such as you’d see in an Almodovar movie, but underneath it all there was a heart. And at the end you felt as if you have been through a very exhausting but rewarding journey through so many emotions. Definitely worth viewing. And I spotted at least 3 gay characters.


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