Двести двадцать восемь – Держи хвост пистолетом!

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[Russian: Two hundred and twenty-eight – Don’t give up!]

Michael, Liam and Io have turned the heat up with a show full of bangers and burners. There’s a solid ballad from Liam’s new husband, a song about Io’s makeup and a sad farewell to our favourite Ukrainian duo.

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Myra Granberg – Då kan dom inte ta oss [Swedish: Then they cannot take us]

Tom Leeb – Si tu savais [French: If You Knew]

Franka – Prvi osjećaj [Croatian: First feeling]        Watch on YouTube

Sharon Kwan ft Karencici – Don’t Ruin My Makeup [Mandarin]        Watch on YouTube

Monique – Viskas Per Tave [Lithuanian: Everything Over You]        Watch on YouTube

Anitta ft Arcangel & De La Ghetto – Tócame [Spanish: Touch me]        Watch on YouTube

Tamara – SLOBODA [Macedonian: FREEDOM]        Watch on YouTube

SB19 – Go Up [Tagalog]        Watch on YouTube

babble2babble: Russian

Время и Стекло – Last Dance        Watch on YouTube

ДжаЯмми – Туман [Fog]        Watch on YouTube

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