Two hundred and forty-seven – Junior Eurovision 2020 Preview Part 2


[#JESC2020: 247 – Move the World more!]

The kids are still showing the world just how talented they are.

Michael and Liam preview six of this year’s 12 entries in the competition, being held in Poland.

What past time has the boys confused?

Who sounds like they should be on Triple J?

What might end up being the contest’s undoing?

Plus, enjoy some of our favourite JESC songs of years gone by and a brand-new release by a Spanish contestant.

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The previews

🇬🇪 Georgia: Sandra Gadelia – You Are Not Alone        Watch on YouTube

🇷🇺 Russia: Sofia Feskova – My New Day        Watch on YouTube

🇵🇱 Poland: Ala Tracz – I’ll Be Standing        Watch on YouTube

🇷🇸 Serbia: Petar Aničić – Heartbeat        Watch on YouTube

🇺🇦 Ukraine: Oleksandr Balabanov – Vidkryvai (Open Up)        Watch on YouTube

🇳🇱 The Netherlands: Unity – Best Friends        Watch on YouTube

Our faves

Isabella Clarke 🇦🇺 – Speak Up [2017 – Australia]        Watch on YouTube

Liza Misnikova – Pepelny [2019 – Belarus: Ashen]        Watch on YouTube

Lina Kuduzović – Prva Ljubezen (First Love) [2015 – Slovenia]        Watch on YouTube

Something new

Dani Fernández – Puñales [Spanish: Daggers]        Watch on YouTube

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