Eugene Educates Old’sKool Uptown!


When the opportunity became available Eugene Ball jumped to curate an ongoing weekly series of gigs which he has termed Old’sKool Jazz.  The series puts the spotlight on the wonderful musicians in Melbourne who play in early jazz styles – music inspired by the greats of the 20s, 30s and 40s.

Today’s audiences will get to hear and enjoy the music of yesteryear, but through the interpretations of today’s young, and not so young, musicians.

Eugene talks with joy about the musicians he has programmed onto Thursday Nights at the Uptown Jazz Cafe in Brunswick.

Whilst on the line David Moyle also asks Eugene, a musician and educator, about the impact that the COVID lockdowns have had on last years music students studying for their degrees, both during the lockdown last year, and ongoing to this year.

Eugene Ball was guest of Bent Notes on Sunday January 24, 2021
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