Licks, Basics, River, Improvisation and more from Tom Avgenicos

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Trumpeter, Composer and Educator Tom Avgenicos spoke about Improvising, going back to basics, and building a personal memory library of ‘licks’ that assist the creative process when improvising live in performance.

Toms’ Delay 45 project creates soundscapes that flow seamlessly between structure and spontaneity bult on deep connection stemming from musical relationships with the band members stretching back as far as High School.

Delay 45 Launched and toured their 2nd album – Flux – in February 2022, and are already presenting their next work – Where The River Goes – at the Melbourne Recital Centre on Friday May 6, 2022.

Hear what Tom had to say in this podcast from JOY 94.9.

Tom Avgenicos was guest of Bent Notes on Sunday April 10, 2022
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