Axle Whitehead and Steve Sedergreen visit the Bent Notes Studio at JOY 94.9Axle Whitehead and Steve Sedergreen visited the Bent Notes studio to chat with David Moyle about their meeting when Axle attended the VCA, their love and enjoyment of Jazz – as well as many other music genres; and their joy at being able to work together again since Axle returned to Australia after spending some time acting and performing in the US.

Axle also spoke of the challenges and freeing sense of working inside a puppet recently on The Masked Singer!

Hear about the challenges and joys of shared musical experience of these musicians when they work together in groups or duo format, sharing the musical conversations together.

Axle spoke about performing with Bob Sedergreen at Jono’s Piano Bar on Saturday June 18, and being the headliner working with Steve and his band at Bird’s Basement on Friday July 1, 2022.

Axle Whitehead and Steve Sedergreen were guests of Bent Notes on Sunday June 5, 2022
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