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A Colon Irrigation or Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment consists of infusing fresh, filtered body temperature water via the rectum.

During the treatment you will experience several fills and releases of water. Like the tide of the ocean, ebbs and flows, the water gently removes debris, gas and mucous.

A light massage may be applied to the tummy to help dislodge toxic waste material adhering to the walls of the colon. The debris is gently washed away through the system’s waste disposal drain line.

Once the impacted material is removed, your colon can begin to work as it was meant to.

Colonic Irrigation can aid with Improved digestive function, Increased energy, Enhanced Immunity, glowing skin and clear eyes, easier weight management, pPositive and relaxed mental state, improved circulation and Improved hydration

I went to get my first colonic irrigation and it was far less scary than I expected.
The following day I was joined in the studio by Natalie and Shaun from Purity BMS to discuss Colonic Irrigation.


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