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Adz says it’s Charli Delaney, Ginni says it’s Pippa Black from Neighbours. Who do you think is the sexiest Vegetarian in Asia-Pacific?

The nominees haven’t been posted long, but TV personality Ruby Rose has taken the lead over other Australian contenders in PETA Asia-Pacific’s annual Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity poll Running close behind in the race for the Australian title are child star-turned-TV personality Charli Delaney; model and former Neighbours star Imogen Bailey; Kisschasy singer Darren Cordeux; Home and Away star-turned-Hollywood hottie Isabel Lucas; singer-songwriter Missy Higgins; Australian Idol host Andrew G; surfing sensation Dave Rastovich; and folk singer Xavier Rudd.

Other celebrities from around the world who’ve gone vegetarian to protect animals, the environment and their own health include actors Hayden Panettiere, Natalie Portman and Milo Ventimiglia; singers Anthony Kiedis and Leona Lewis; UFC champion Mac Danzig; and sports stars John Salley and Greg Chappell.

“When you look at the more than 200 gorgeous celebrities in this year’s poll, it’s clear that there can be no bones about it – a vegetarian diet makes you beautiful, inside and out”, says PETA Asia-Pacific Director Jason Baker. “After all, going vegetarian is the best thing that you can do for animals, the Earth and yourself. Plus, everyone knows that there’s nothing sexier than someone who exudes both passion and compassion.” (taken from a PETA Press Release)


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