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In the studio with Sonja and Jacqui are Alana Smith and Stass Ting from feminist skateboarding crew Thrusher! Stass and Alana talk about how they got into skating, feminism in the skater scene, and the fundraising work that Thrusher does. If you want to learn to skate, hone your skills, and make some cool friends, you can hit Thrusher up on Facebook to find out when and where their next practice session will be.


Bianca Martin from The Girl Fridas and Sticky Institute is back on Broad, talking about zines and the Sad Grrrls Fest, which is on this weekend! Bianca brought in two zines this week: FEMS (Females for Equality Making Stuff) and Hey Ladies. Both of these zines are open to new contributors, so check out their websites if you want to submit a piece for their upcoming issues. Sad Grrrls Club will be releasing a new zine at Sad Grrrls Fest this weekend.



Sonja interviews Mija Gwyn, director of The Other Film Festival, which begins this week. Mija came in to the JOY studio with her Auslan interpreter Mark and videographer Akash from Arts Access Victoria, and told us all about TOFF, Melbourne’s only disability-led film festival. This year the focus of the festival will be on feminism and disabled women in film. You can watch the video of the interview with both sound and Auslan here – a first for BROAD!

You can listen to the full interview as a podcast here, and watch it as a video here featuring both Auslan and sound.


In other news, feminist Australian writer Clementine Ford’s first book Fight Like A Girl has been released, and Sonja interviewed Trish Bendix about the shut down of queer women’s website AfterEllen.


Songs played include “So Great” by Shiny Coin, “Public Safety” by Chelsea Bleach, “Betterment” by Baptists, “Juggernaut” by Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Lauryn Hill’s cover of “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone, “I Just Have A Lot Of Feelings” by Rachel Maria Cox, and “Sitting Inside My Head” by Supergroove.


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