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BROADs Sonja Hammer hosts a very packed show Monday the 20th of Feb 2017: First guests are Justin Teliqure and Kristina Benton to talk about their show ‘ the second installment of the epic saga of Melbourne’s hottest drag king. Delve into the world of the spooky, the paranormal, and the out of this world as our hero embarks on the adventure of a lifetime.’

Justin is joined by Melbourne’s best otherworldly drag artists Enigma, Pablo McFagface and Atlanta Dusk. Katharine Innes (the enigmatic Lickette, Lolita) is back, and this time, the team is joined by a very special guest, their director Kristina Benton.’

Below: Melis Senova and her This Human book

Returning tonight is Jane Connory with the BROAD Designs segment and her special guest Melis Senova  : ‘Melis is a pioneer in human-centred design, a founder of her own global strategic design consultancy, Huddle, and a highly-regarded and enterprising thought leader. Her vast business experience, underpinned by a PhD in Human Factors (human-centred design), sees her focused on reshaping the super systems of the future. This reshaping is essential to ensure we address the complex challenges facing humanity and the planet. Melis believes we can change our realities by changing our minds.’

And her book: ‘This Human describes the thinking and being required to take on the biggest challenges facing humanity in order to reimagine a shared reality for all living things on this planet. It is a practical approach to the application of human-centred design tools and methods to ensure our work is truly meaningful. If we are here to change things to be more sustainable, abundant and equitable for everyone, we need to give the current paradigm a decent shake up and create an alternative. And it starts with us.’

Above : Lesley Dumbrell
Foehn  1975
synthetic polymer paint on canvas
National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
Purchased 1976
© Lesley Dumbrell

Sonja has two other interviews as well, one with Lara Nicholl’s curator of the travelling exhibition ‘Abstraction:celebrating Australian women abstract artists’ a national gallery of Australia exhibition that opened on Friday at the Geelong Gallery of Victoria,25 February to 07 May 2017. It includes works from Includes works by Margaret Preston, Dorrit Black, Grace Crowley, Anne Dangar through to Inge King, Yvonne Audette, Margo Lewers, Janet Dawson and Melinda Harper and the wonderful Emily Kam Kngwarry.


Finally Sonja chats to film editor and artist Gary Hillberg about his famous video art collaboration with artist and icon Tracey Moffatt in another travelling exhibition:tracey moffatt gary hillberg.featuring montages: the full cut,1999-2015, at the SAM ( Shepparton Art Museum in Victoria), on now until March 19,2017.

‘For us to have a meaningful impact on this planet and on the beings on and within it, we need to unleash our imaginations in meaningful ways so we can dream up a better reality for all. It really is that simple‚ and that important.’—Melis Senova


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