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Radiothon 2
This week on a very special episode of Checkpoint, it’s all about RADIOTHON! I know, right?

Radiothon is our biggest fundraiser so we talk today not only about what JOY means to us, but also what being a GAMER means to us as well. The studio is packed full with Luke, Archer, Jakob, Tom, Fin, Viv and Meags all along for the ride! We are having a Radiothon party and you’re invited!

Also on the show, Fin reviews Total War: Warhammer and Viv gets stuck into Valkyria Chronicles Remastered, and we talk about some big LGBT gaming news, with one developer refusing to give a game code to someone for supporting the LGBT community, while another game developer adds an update to their game to give people complete freedom with how they want to dress and style their characters to show real inclusiveness! It really is quite the contrast. Don’t miss any of the fun on a jam packed show!

Valkyria Warhammer