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This week on the show, it’s that time of year again… CONSOLE WARS! Yes, every year the fanboys get on their pedestals and yell about which console they think is the best. This year we have some new contenders in the mix… join Luke, Cam, Kolby, Rachel and Archer as they discuss their thoughts around the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Introducing the Console Wars competitors! First up: Released in the back half of 2016, this upgraded version of this generations leader in sales jumped the gun and brought us into a new era of HD gaming… it’s the PS4 Pro! Next up, newly released last month, this console boasts the best hardware in any gaming machine ever created along with an online infrastructure that’s hard to top, please welcome the Xbox One X! Last but not least, the debuting console that has taken fans by storm with big first party releases. Arguably one of the best console launches in the brands history, it’s the Nintendo Switch!

All of these machines have their merits. So which one should you be buying for Xmas 2017? Also, The Game Awards have just happened and along with some deserving winners, a LOT of news came out of the event as well! Don’t miss any of the crucial updates in this massive episode!

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Console Wars


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