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Checkpoint Intimates is a weekly podcast where two members of the team go one-on-one on a topic that they both feel strongly about, talking in a more deeper and, yes, intimate context.

In this episode, Elliot and Kolby are all about those video game sales. Specifically, what makes a video game sell so well not just on launch day but in the long run as well? Which are the best selling games ever, and why? Is it the games quality, enduring fan-bases, word of mouth or just marketing? Also, how can you compare the sales of a game that releases today on multiple platforms and digitally compared to games from past generations that only had one available format?

Game sales might not impact us as a direct consumer, but then they can impact what those successful developers do in the future which impacts us long-term. Also, how do games that are bundled together with consoles impact sales, and should they be judged the same way?

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Luke is the producer of Checkpoint and also co-host of The Brekkie Bears. He spends his time playing video games, binge-watching TV and hanging out with his German Shepherd, Ziggy and Bernese Mountain Dog, Pandora. They would play video games if their paws could hold controllers.


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