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This week on the show, we’re talking all about video game franchises that completely change up their genre and try something new… to varying degrees of success! Genre flipping is something that’s happening more and more nowadays. Pikachu as a detective? Luigi trying to catch ghosts? JRPG characters from Persona dancing in a rhythm game? Metal Gear Solid with zombies? There are plenty of times when developers want to try something different, whether it’s to mash-up and crossover with another brand or just to try and rejuvenate a franchise that might have lost its shine.

Join Elliot, Cam, Rachel and Kolby as they discuss  the genre flipping games that worked well, the ones that they feel didn’t, and some rumors around future releases that could turn these popular franchises on their heads!

Also on this episode we have two large reviews for you; Rachel has been living her best pirate life in Sea of Thieves while Luke takes a trip to a Ghibli-esque land in Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom! Don’t miss any of the action.

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