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This week on the show, we give you the full breakdown of our weekend at PAX Aus 2018. PAX Aus has become the biggest event in gaming for Australia. From Indie Developers showing their games, a community getting involved with table top gaming and panels for every aspect of the world we love, PAX is filled with things to do.

Join Cam, Elliot, Edie and Rach as they breakdown everything they got up to. Cam got hands on with one of this most anticipated games, Ashen. Edie took full advantage of both the big name games like Kingdom Hearts but also the massively popular board game section. Elliot delved into the VR table top experience, Table of Tales, and interviewed the team from Fellow Traveller Games. Lastly Rachel and Cam talk about the panel they hosted about Toxicity in Online Gaming and why it was so important to have that conversation.

Nat has also been riding into town with his rag tag band, he’s managed to pull himself away though to bring us his review of  Red Dead Redemption 2!

Don’t miss any of the action and don’t forget to check out the first half of this podcast to keep up to date!

For all the latest updates as always, head to our official website at checkpointgaming.net.

The PAX Aus 2018 Checkpoint Roundup


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