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The AFLW 2017 season was launched in Melbourne on Wednesday 1 February.  Fi, Bree and Danae chat about the launch, the recent Pride March and caught up with Romy Timmins from the Western Bulldogs. On this podcast you can hear more of Danae’s interviews with Daisy Pearce, Katie Brennan, Kara Donnellan, Amanda Farruiga, Chelsea Randall and Steph Chiocci. Thanks to Motty for most of the happysnaps!

AFLW 2017 Captains and Premiership Cup Ambassador (and national living treasure) Dr Susan Alberti

Western Bulldogs Captain Katie Brennan

GWS Giants Skipper Amanda Farruiga,

Adelaide co-captain Chelsea Randall

Collingwood Captain Steph Chiocci


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