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Dano’s gone fishing, and Mason can’t be left alone (this is why we can’t have nice things, Mason!) so Lee Casey is taking over as guest co-host this week. Everything you need to know about Lee is that she looks exactly like her Bitmoji, and she works with the Science Gallery, which is rad.

Dano (played by Lee) & Mason talk moving north of the river – that’s lesbian north, for non-Melbournites – and the changes Mason’s going to have to make to fit in, gay weddings and the politics of a second-hand suit, and spending up big on condoms.

Special guest and exceptional art curator Jacqueline Doherty also joins the conversation to talk about her latest exhibition State of the Union. Producer Rachel forgot to tell Jacqueline (call me Jacquie) that there would be jokes (this isn’t the ABC), but we think she keeps up with Mason just fine, don’t you?

Details for State of the Union exhibition can be found here.

AND check out the Science Gallery website here.

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