Steve Winter Visits Australia

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SteveWinterThis week on the Escape Pod, world-class wildlife photographer Steve Winter shares tales of his intense encounters and astonishing images of the big cats of Africa, Brazil and Hollywood.

Growing up in Indiana, Winter dreamed of traveling the world as a photographer for National Geographic. His first camera was a gift from his father on his seventh birthday, and over the next few years, Winter’s dad taught him the basics of photography.

In 1991, Winter began shooting for the National Geographic Society. He has covered many subjects for National Geographic magazine, including Cuba, Russia’s giant Kamchatka bears, tigers in Myanmar’s Hukawng Valley, and life along Myanmar’s Irrawaddy River.

Catch Steve Winter in Australia as he shares, in detail, his adventures with big cats, life, and photography in MY NINE LIVES: Intrepid stories and incredible images from explorer Steve Winter.