The ‘write’ stuff – Jac Tomlins


“A news crew came to the house in the early days… they just wanted some general footage… This is what a lesbian looks like when a lesbian puts the kettle on. This is what a lesbian looks like pouring a cup of tea …. Then we had to pretend to drink the tea.”

Writer, trainer, and advocate – Jac Tomlins has been a leading force in the LGBTIQ community & rainbow families, often sharing her own story back when there was little to none in the mainstream media.

We spoke to Jac Tomlins about raising children in a rainbow family, the lack of representation of rainbow families, the support guides she’s written for Rainbow Families & her new book, The Curse of Grandma Maple – a story about kids who just happen to have two mums.

The Curse of Grandma Maple is a story about a bunch of kids who leave the adults behind and head off to test themselves against the Canadian wilderness.

It’s about challenge and fear and how sometimes you have no choice but to face that fear. It’s about wanting to do the right thing, but sometimes stuffing up. It’s about siblings and cousins and having each other’s back.

And, coincidentally, there are two mums hovering at the edges of the story just doing what mums do – you know, worrying, interfering, being annoying – but occasionally coming good by saying Yes when it really matters.

The book launches of Sunday, 24 November. After the launch, copies will be available via Jac’s website.


This Family Matters podcast episode was produced by Bec Dahl, Partner at Nicholes Family Lawyers