Dolly Diamond joins David and Brendan…for the Request Hour, to discuss all things Dolly and EQUALITY!


Dolly Diamond has burst into David and Sue JOY Drive with David and Brendan… to discuss all things Dolly and EQUALITY! And also get up to the Ballarat Cabaret Festival … Dolly is the artistic director – and wants to see you there. Fiona Scott from the festival also drops by.

It’s all about anthems tonight and we’re sure  our co-host Dolly Diamond will be able to sing along with them all.

The request hour is on between 6 and 7 pm each Friday so send in your music (or other – use your imagination!) requests when we’re on air or via our Facebook page before the show and then listen to the frivolity and your songs on Friday nights.

This week our anthem requests were:

  • Survivor with Eye of the Tiger
  • Macklemore with Mary Lambert with Same Love
  • Diana Ross with I’m Coming Out
  • Freemasons with Sophie Ellis Bextor with Heartbreak Make Me a Dancer
  • Gloria Gaynor with I Will Survive
  • David Bowie with Heroes (or maybe NOT but you’ll hear a nice instrumental instead!!!)
  • M People with Open Your Heart
  • Yazz with The Only way Is Up

So, get yours ready for this week and why limit your requests to music – David & Sue have lots of talents so why not request that they use them!