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15 Dec 2017

David & Sue talk to Ella Caldwell, artistic director Red Stitch Theatre about PLAYlist 2017

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David & Sue talk to Ella Caldwell, artistic director Red Stitch Theatre about PLAYlist 2017

David & Sue talk to Ella Caldwell who’s the artistic director at Red Stitch – The Actors Theatre and Australia’s leading ensemble theatre company. This Saturday night they’re having their annual fundraiser PLAYlist 2017 in which there are eleven writers and eleven songs. Each writer selects a song. Each play is only as long as the song. Sound like fun? Just a few of the artists involved include Missy Higgins, Mark Seymour and Mama Alto. You can get tickets at the Red Stitch website but hurry its on on Saturday 16th December ONLY from 7pm at Collingwood Arts Precinct35 Johnston St Collingwood 3066 Australia 

The Red Stitch website describes the experience as:

“The best end of year party in town. Intimate theatre, live music, adventure.

Eleven writers. Eleven Songs. Each writer selects a song. Each play is only as long as the song.

Join the Red Stitch ensemble and friends for an exhilarating night of theatrical extravaganza as you explore hidden spaces in this fantastic venue.  You won’t want to miss this one night only event! 

Here’s our amazing line-up of original short plays, featuring the creative talents of some of Australia’s finest writers, actors, musicians and directors.

Inspired by Life On Mars, David Bowie
Directed by Bridget Balodis
Performed by Trent Baker, Ella Caldwell, Kate Cole, Ngaire Dawn Fair, Jordan Fraser-Trumble, Casey Filips, Chanella Hosanna, Grace Lowry, Marcus McKenzie, Kieran McNamara, Dion Mills, Joe Petruzzi, Sarah Sutherland, Chloe Violette, Mark Wilson

Inspired by Call Your Girlfriend, Robyn
Directed by Adam Mitchell
Performed by Kate Cole, Domini Forster, Justin Hosking

CHANGE by Dan Lee
Inspired by Total Eclipse of the Heart, Bonnie Tyler
Directed by Brett Cousins
Performed by Missy Higgins, Dan Lee

ENNUI ON THE MOUNTAIN by Adam Hetherington
Inspired by Ennui on the Mountain, Hall & Oates
Directed by Ngaire Dawn Fair
Performed by Zoe Boesen, Jordan Fraser-Trumble, Shirin Sethna

FORGET HER by Natasha Pincus
Inspired by Forget Her, Jeff Buckley
Directed by Natasha Pincus
Performed by Ben Abrahams, Ella Caldwell, Brett Cousins, David Whiteley

JESUS, ETC by Ben Prendergast
Inspired by Jesus, etc, Wilco
Directed by John Kachoyan
Performed by Andrew Drago, Chris Drago, Simone French, Ben Prendergast

KLIPTOWN MUD by Katy Warner
Inspired by Kliptown MudMark Seymour
Directed by Tanya Gerstle
Performers Casey Bohan, Grace Lowry, Eva Seymour, Mark Seymour

Inspired by GenesisGrimes
Directed by Emily O’Brien-Brown
Performed by Darcy Kent, Caroline Lee

Inspired by Can’t Truss It, Public Enemy
Directed by Marcus McKenzie
Performed by Liam Maguire, Maggie McCormack

WILD SIDES by Mark Wilson
Inspired by Walk on the Wild Side, Lou Reed
Directed by Mark Wilson
Performed by Mama Alto, Chanella Hosanna, Olga Makeeva, Peter Paltos, Naomi Rukavina

WEREWOLF by Keziah Warner
Inspired by Animal, Mike Snow
Directed by Katy Maudlin
Performed by Alexandra Aldrich, Brigid Gallagher, Sam Russo

PLAYlist is Red Stitch’s annual fundraiser. Come support the company, enjoy an extraordinary feast of new writing and live music, and celebrate 2017 with us.”


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