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David & Sue talk to Will Lanting (JOY Presenter) about the return of the GLLO show to onair at JOY. GLLO show podcast listeners may not have seen a gap between GLLO show episodes but a milestone this week is the simple fact that the GLLO show is now back on-air on JOY 94.9 FM. Its been somewhere around 5 years since the show aired live on JOY. Now, after returning as a podcast only program about 18 months ago, your favourite GLLOs are back! Running the show from 6:30 pm each Monday to keep our community informed on community safety.

From this week the GLLO Show will be hosted by Gabby GLLO, JOY’s own Will Lanting and rotating guests from both the Victoria Police and JOY 94.9. Check out their podcasts of the show at https://joy.org.au/theglloshow/

The GLLO show is described on its show page as follows:

Program anchored by JOY Presenter, Will Lanting and co-host is Gabby, with other special guests, the Victoria Police GLLOs.

Victoria Police GLLO (LGBTI Liaison Officer) Gabby Tyacke will introduce you to GLLOs from across the organisation. What is it like to be a GLLO in the Air wing? What is the Special Operations Unit? How do we report prejudice motivated crime?

Victoria Police has appointed a number of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex Liaison Officers (GLLOs) across the state. The GLLO mission statement is to contribute to the creation of mutual trust between police, lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender and intersex persons so they have increasing confidence in police through the provision of fair and equitable policing service.

To find your nearest GLLO contact details, click here GLLO (LGBTI Officer) List

For enquiries during business hours on the GLLO program, please contact (03) 9247 6944. Please note this is for general enquiries and is not a 24 hour line. In an emergency, dial Triple Zero (000) immediately. If you are a victim of crime, please view our GLLO List or contact your local police station.
Email melbourne.gllo@police.vic.gov.au


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Pete helps JOY with podcast coordination and is the podcaster for the "David & Sue" drivetime show and the GLLO show and a daytime MMUMM presenter on JOY...


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