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David & Sue talk to Will Huxley who is a performance artist along with his partner Garrett Huxley. Their current exhibition is part of the LOVE Exhibition at the Immigration Museum in Melbourne and it’s on until 28th April and is included as part of your Museum entry ticket. The Huxleys will also be performing (in costume, of course) at Summer Courtyard: I Feel Love at the Immigration Museum on Friday 8 Feb from 5-10pm. You can get tickets at the website.

Some info about the night is below and it sounds like a fun night out. What more can you ask than music, cocktails, food and performance art all at the one time…

The Immigration Museum has taken inspiration from its specially commissioned LOVE exhibition to celebrate Australia’s vibrant queer community, artistic expression and love in all its guises.

House of Slé will headline with a performance which brings together contemporary dance, aesthetics and the art of voguing. Stars of Australia’s queer and trans scene, the set will be an energetic exploration of movement, gender and identity, with plenty of audience involvement.

Formidable performance art duo, The Huxley’s will be a roving the courtyard and stage, glitter-encased spectacle not to be missed. Absurd, provocative and colourful the pair will have guests charmed, and hurrying upstairs to LOVE to learn more about them and their incredible love story.


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