David & Sue sing body parts


It’s a short hour in this week’s crazy mad talking hour with David and Sue – there was a glitch in the studio and we’re missing the middle hour. Imagine the laughs… or despair! 🙂

But there’s more than enough here to entertain you. How can David have a cat, what with his apartment overstuffed with snow globes and dwarves? And should Sue be getting her marriage celebrant outfit out of the wardrobe? Listen for the first(?) in a series: David and Sue’s Dating Success Stories.

We also have news of Melbourne’s new urban art festival. David and Sue speak with festival director Zoe Paulsen and artist Kaff-eine. Check out the super-informative web page of CAN’T DO TOMORROW and get yourself down there.

Request hour is all about body parts. The theme runs through the mayhem.