INTERVIEW: Maree Coote on her new book “Azaria – A True History” #ListenNOW


David & Sue talk to Maree Coote from Melbourne Style about her brand new children’s book “Azaria – A True History” which examines the places where wild animals and people meet, where tragedy can strike, because just like the big bad wolf, the dingo is not afraid of you and me. It’s a beautifully illustrated non-fiction picture book that sensitively explores the collision of wilderness and civilisation, explains a famous miscarriage of justice, and examines the role of the media in history-telling, in an appropriate manner for children. You can buy it directly from Melbourne Style and from most bookshops.

MAREE COOTE is a writer, designer, illustrator, photographer and publisher. She has enjoyed an award-winning career in advertising and understands Melbourne’s unique advantage well. Her many creative passions converge in her studies of Melbourne’s history, which is the focus of her work in object design and in publishing over the past ten years. Maree is passionate about a sense of place and history, and she brings this to life in multiple platforms for multiple audiences. Her affinity for Melbourne is unique and highly informed. Her skill is bringing ideas to life, and communicating ideas to any audience ‘in whatever form gives them most power: books, artwork, song, stories, design, film…”.