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Episode 35

The Mt Ainslie Exorcism


The Australian Sex Party‘s Robbie Swan joins us to report on the exorcism performed atop Canberra’s Mt Ainslie by Catch The Fire Ministries Pastor Danny Nalliah. Looking like the head waiter on the Love Boat, Pastor Danny and his bus load of sheep wandered around the mountain peak, speaking in tongues, waving banners and delivering all the theatrics one needs for an exorcism. The Pentecostals encountered were outnumbered 2 to 1 thanks to the 200 + protestors from atheist societies, gay and lesbian groups, pagan groups, Sex Party supporters and a couple of others who defied definition. Special thanks to www.nonsensepodcast.com for the audio grab, its priceless!


This show, Episode #035 originally aired in November, 2009


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Dean Beck has over 5 years experience as a broadcaster and radio producer. Dean is the founder and original presenter of community radio’s most popular show about sex, sexuality and self, Hide And Seek. He presents the nationally syndicated interview program Word For Word, heard each week on JOY 94.9 and across the Community Radio Network. He also presents a weekly news and current affairs program, On The Line. A tireless advocate for people living with HIV and ENUF Ambassador, Dean coordinated and hosted JOY 94.9’s groundbreaking radio and video web streaming broadcast, World AIDS Day Worldwide, a global 24 hour conversation held on December 1 2013, World AIDS Day. In 2013 JOY 94.9 presented Dean with the Addam Stobbs Broadcast Excellence Award and Living Positive Victoria presented him with their coveted Community Endeavour Award. Dean's work in promoting gay men’s health saw Hide And Seek receive the HIV Awareness Media Award from Living Positive Victoria in 2013.


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