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Hey, you up for some fisting fun?

As they say, a kiss with a fist is better than none!… well, we say that.

Oh y’all wanted a fist?

Fisting legends Max McRae and Warwick Emanuel from ZONE:RED pop by to lend a hand in the studio ans we go DEEP into the world of handballing, or fisting. The do’s, do-me’s and he do not’s!

Warwick shares his personal story with the Melbourne fisting community, getting started, and running Melbourne’s premiere fisting party – ZONE:RED.

Max talks about finding his tribe in the fisting world here in Melbourne, his preferred lubes, and flip-flop fisting.

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You’ll find our weekly porn review in this week’s episode – you can watch the video over at our Tumblr page 


We simply couldn’t fit another inch into the main show, so check out the over 20 minutes of SEXTRAS that are included in the podcast that never made it to air on JOY! Warwick talks about protecting yourself from HIV, STIs, and what part chems play for dedicated fisters. Plus Michael has an excuse to bring up Drag Race.

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Fist full of goodies!!

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Check out Club80.net for details about getting stuck in at ZONE:RED

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