73. “Panic at the Costco” – Queering Coronavirus


We welcome on board, officially, Owen! *trumpet fanfare*

Tim is busy moving house, so new permanent recruit Owen joins Michael to query what Coronavirus means for queers. We take a look at queer history in response to viral pandemics  – something we know a little about. We are also joined on the line by Dr. George for tips, and tricks for keeping healthy and how to NOT PANIC.

Michael will also be chatting, on Well Well Well this Thursday, with Professor Sharon Lewin and Living Positive Victoria CEO Richard Keane about the virus and HIV.

Keep calm but keep cautious.

Coronavirus factsheet for LGBTI people and people living with HIV – from NAPWHA, AFAO, and ASHM

If you are unwell, stay home, and call ahead to your doctor.
24/7 Coronavirus hotline 1800 020 080


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