82. “Strange Fruit” – Queering Black Lives Matter


We normally discuss sex on our show. There are more important topics and more important voices to be heard this week. We invite Derrick to speak with us after marching in the Third Ward of Houston Texas alongside the family of George Floyd.

We discuss the intersectionality of queerness and being a person of colour, the police, and protesting during a pandemic. We talk about how, as cis white guys, we can be better allies to POC, and specifically our queer POC family.


Where to donate or get involved:

Black Lives Matter support and bail outs via Carrd

Black Lives Matter resources via Notion.so

Black Rainbow – advocacy platform and touchpoint for Indigenous LGBTI folk

Democracy In Colour – racial and economic justice organisation led by people of colour

We normally take out our music that goes live to air, but this week we’re including We Sing Until Sunrise by local indigenous artists The Merindas.

This weeks episode takes its title from the Billie Holiday song. Check out the Black Lives Matter playlist on Spotify for more songs of empowerment and pride.



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