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11 Oct 2023

Ep 145 – Up To Scratch – Side B (The Sextras)

Pup Play

Ep 145 – Up To Scratch – Side B (The Sextras)

After the fur had flown, Jon caught up with the newly sashed Australian Puppy 2023 Luca and Australian Handler 2023 Bowser to celebrate their new found title holder glory. Outgoing Australian Puppy 2022 Pup Jaxx sits down to reminisce, and we even caught Jaxx’s outgoing speach – characteristically filled with tears.

Congratulations to Pup Luca and Bowser!
Bowser is @Bowserpig on X/Twitter, and @Ostentatiousbear on Instagram
Pup Luca is @Puplucaqld on Instagram and  Facebook

A HUGE congrats to the WA-PAH team, APHC, and Pup Garrett for an amazing comp week. And of course, an incredible job by ALL the contestants. Get more of them in the MAIN episode this week where Jon chatted to them before they strutted their stuff on stage.

Find everyone else!
Pup Garrett is @PupGarrett on Instagram and X/Twitter
Skout is @PupSpanky on X/Twitter, @Spanky_pup on Instagram, and PupSpanky on Facebook
Pup TJ is @PupTJ97 on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
Pup Terran is @PTerran97 on X/Twitter

Pup Biru is @PupBiru on X/Twitter, and @PupBiruFF on Instagram

Follow your PAHs!
Australian Pup and Handler Competition is @auspahc and on the web at


APHC 2022 was broadcast over TWO episodes

Ep 105 – The Power of the Dog

Ep 109 – Shaggy Dog Stories

This episode was recorded and produced on lands of the Whadjuk people of Boorloo. We pay our respects to their elders, past, present and emerging, and acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded.

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