Clear & Present Danger


On a night when the LGBTI Community around the world is mourning and grieving the senseless tragedy of the Orlando FL massacre, the ISN team (ie. Jim) talk quite philosophically about why the recent Parliamentary apology to gay men for the senseless homophobia of Victoria’s old and now repealed laws criminalising homosexual behaviour.

Jim is joined on on the hosting panel by Jon P. Wintle, as they talk about the importance of this apology for the whole community – not just LGBTI people – as a factor that promotes tolerance and acceptance, validating leadership roles for LGBTI leaders beyond their own community and into the broader community.

Rory, the young trans-man intern, co-hosts and speaks about the effect of the apology on young people.

Joining in the studio are longtime LGBTI political activist Jamie Gardiner and Victorian Sexuality & Gender Commissioner Rowen Allen, while on the phone is Anna Brown: LGBTI activist, Human Rights lawyer and co-convener of Australians4Euality.

Aired on the 13th of June, 2016.