Athletica – Episode 1 – Australian Open Glam Slam


Sport is a wonderful way to keep physically fit as well as to have fun.

But it’s also an opportunity to connect with others in the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as the wider community.

Athletica is a podcast that shares personal stories and connection between the LGBTQIA+ community and sport – on a local level and around the world.

Each episode discusses a different sport, and host, Demetra Giannakopoulos, chats to a competitive player in that sport, as well as an organiser of an event for that sport, whether locally or internationally.

Episode 1 is all about Tennis. Demetra chats to Rowen D’Souza, who coordinated the Australian Open Glam Slam event. And later, she chats to Leona Dowman – a keen tennis player and one of the competitors in the Glam Slam.


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