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10 Nov 2013

The Update: The Doco, The Kids Sing and Heaps of New Releases

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The Update: The Doco, The Kids Sing and Heaps of New Releases

joyesc-profThis is The Update – a (semi) regular news post, keeping you up to speed with the happenings of Eurovision 2014 and the doings of past ESC entrants. We discover DR’s plans for Euro-docos, check out the plans for the Eurovision Island staging and even see what the Juniors are up to.

DR Goes Doco Crazy

DR, the Danish national broadcaster, have begun planning a documentary series following the organisation of 2014’s Contest in Copenhagen.

Three DR journalists, lead by Lisbet Barrett, have plans to follow the Contest’s Executive Producer, Pernille Gaardbo, along with fans, artists and crews. DR plans to produce two or three half-hour episodes to be screened around the time of the live shows in May, with a final longer episode after the Grand Final. Barrett told press that the trick will be to make something fresh and interesting although the excitement would be over. Barrett also remarked that the docos would be about the raw emotions experienced by fans and the crews involved, but it would be difficult because of the big glitter tsunami the Eurovision Song Contest can be.

The Island on an Island

Refs9We already know that Eurovision Island, also known as Refshaleøen, will be the centrepiece of Copenhagen’s attempt at hosting the world’s biggest singing competition in May.

There have been some hints to how the staging will take place for the three live shows, attempting to create a party atmosphere while keeping the industrial look of B&W Hallern.

DR have chosen experienced stageman Claus Zier to design the stage, which will be smack-bang in the middle of the hall. Head of Show, Jan Lagermand Lundme, explained the vision:

Right now we are working to place the stage right in the middle of B&W Hallern, where the party will take place, because the stage will then become an island and a centre. It is here the participants will shine and here we will come together.

Kids Get Creative

JESC2013logoIt’s nearly time for the kids to have a go at the biggest TV show in the world. On 30 November, the 11th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be held in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv.

Twelve countries are taking part in the Contest, which has some major differences to the ‘adult’ Eurovision Song Contest.

Some of these differences include:

  • Only requiring the main vocals to be sung live. Any backing vocals can be pre-recorded.
  • Having all songs chosen through a televised final. No internal selections allowed. The songs must also be written by a child, with some adult assistance allowed.
  • Requiring that all performers should be no older than 15.
  • Giving all entries 12 points so that no one ends up with 0.

This year, Ukraine’s 2013 ESC entrant, Zlata Ognevich, will be given hosting duties. One would assume she will be without giant for the occasion. Team Junior has also decided to award the second- and third-place getters for the first time, as well as give the winner the opportunity to perform in Copenhagen next year.

To find out more about the event, check out the website: Stay tuned to our Facebook page for all the entries and what we think of them.

And if you can’t wait for SBS to show it later this year, you can watch it live online from 5am on Sunday 1 December (AEDT).

Ins & Outs

The final list of participating countries will be in the EBU’s hot little hands on 22 November. But until then, the whispers continue.

The latest news:

  • Ukraine has confirmed participation
  • Portugal is back for 2014
  • Turkey has confirmed their continued withdrawal from the Contest
  • Greece‘s new public broadcaster is yet to be accepted into the EBU, however Team Eurovision has said that it will what it can in this special circumstance to have Greece participate in 2014

You’ll have the final list right here at JOYEurovision as soon as it is released.

New Releases

We’re going new music crazy in this edition of the Update. Hold on to your headphones!

Milim was the song he sang for Israel in 2010, but out and proud Harel Skaat has got something new. This is Achshav (Now), from his new album out early 2014.

She sang about devils and hell for Slovenia in 2008 and Rebeka Dremelj is back. She has just released a brand new single, Karneval. And it seems that her publicity shots for the single are slanted towards a certain demographic… not that we mind at all.

The friendly, smiley and totally lovely Robin Stjernberg has released a new single. The Swedish rep in this year’s Contest has had a few hits from his Pieces album so far, including the massive Swedish single Crime. The newest is the album’s namesake and its video is quite a story.

She sang for San Marino in 2012 and 2013 and will once again be representing the principality in 2014, however Valentina Monetta is busy releasing new music. The latest single from her album, La Storia di Valentina Monetta is L’Amore verrà. The lounge-jazz number was written by Monetta herself.

Little Azerbaijani elf, Eldar Qasimov (AKA Ell from Ell and Nikki), has decided to go dance with The One. What the Azerbaijanis would think about it being played on a GLBTIQ radio station may be interesting to find out though.

FYR Macedonia was represented by Kaliopi in Baku and she has released a new single from the album Melem. If you know what’s going on in Lokomotiva, please shoot a comment through below.

And finally, Poland’s 2011 representative Magdalena Tul has something new up her sleeve to share. Her latest single I Am Who I Am is part of a new EP, which is due out in November. Tul has said that the new single and EP denotes a change of direction with the sound of her music. What do you think?

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