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As we wrap the 2020 Eurovision season up, the team pull out their Euro-Ouija boards to summon the ghosts of national finals from 2005 to 2013.

Michael and Io give their approval to Liam’s choices this week and we think they’ll stir some memories for you too.

Although JOYEurovision is finished on air, we’re still going socially. Join us on all the platforms, and get ready for the return of babblePOP! next week.


Catarina Pereira – Canta Por Mim [Portugal 2010 – Portuguese: Sing for me]

Deborah C – Love-O-Holic [Malta 2013]

Gerai Gerai & Miss Sheep – War In The Wardrobe [Lithuania 2013]

Feminnem – Navika [Croatia 2007 – Croatian: Habits]

Sukkerchok – Kæmper for Kærlighed [Denmark 2010 – Danish: Fighting for Love]

Laura Põldvere – Moonwalk [Estonia 2005]

Cyndi – I’ll Leave My Heart [United Kingdom 2007]

Saara Aalto 🏳️‍🌈 – Blessed With Love [Finland 2011]

Zlata Ognevich – The Kukushka [Ukraine 2011 – Ukrainian/English: The Cuckoo]

Alcazar 🏳️‍🌈 – Alcastar [Sweden 2005]

Adelén – Bombo [Norway 2013]

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