Courtesy New Holland PublishersFor eight seasons rom 1987 to 1994, Hey Dad was Australia’s highest rating television sitcom.

Robert Hughes played dad, Martin Kelly and Sarah Monahan played his youngest daughter Jennifer Kelly.

In what should have been the time of Sarah’s life quickly turned into a living nightmare for the young star.

In an interview with Woman’s Day in 2010, followed by an interview on A Current Affair, the public learnt the shocking truth that Robert Hughes was a predator and Sarah was a victim of his actions.

Sarah chats with Leo on the Friday Morning Show about her book Allegedly, her early life as a child model, her time on Hey Dad and moving overseas.

Sarah also opens up about the time the truth become public, the media storm that followed and giving evidence in the trial against Robert Hughes which saw him sentenced to ten years and nine month in jail.

Allegedly by Sarah Monahan is available from all good bookstores now through New Holland Publishers.

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Courtesy New Holland Publishers