Z & G were lucky enough to have a chat in studio with Melbourne comedian Rob Caruana.

Rob tells us all about his love for movies, leading him to try acting and auditioning for Neighbours as Rob Robinson.

Acting wasn’t working out for Rob, so his acting teacher recommended comedy, which led him to rocking up to The Comic’s Lounge in Melbourne and doing the workshops, then moving on to open mics.

Rob took on his love for old style comedy and vaudeville, becoming an improv prop comic.

Taking prop comedy to the next level, Rob ate 12 hot chillies before an open mic spot, nearly having to go to hospital after the set. But the true comic he is, Rob pushed on through to his next set around Melbourne.

Z & G get to hear all about Rob’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival experiences, from dousing himself in paint all over his suit, to throwing darts on stilts.

Listen to Rob’s podcast “The Film Lovers Podcast

Come see Rob at his 2018 Melbourne International Comedy Festival show “Performing Comedy” playing at Pilgrim Bar March 28th – April 7th