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This week Marty and Venetia explore Countdown from 1977 to 1979, the years when the show really started nailing the format and bringing a lot more international artists into our loungerooms. We discuss the influence Countdown, and Molly in particular, had in creating a market in Australia and generating hits for bands like Blondie. And who can forget that truly bizarre and controversial performance from ‘godfather of punk’ Iggy Pop? There’s lots to discover, so do yourself a favour and join us in our continued celebration of all things Countdown.


About the author: Venetia


Venetia is huge deep soul, funk and jazz fan. She is the co-host of Living In the 70s, a show about 70's music, broadcast on Saturday mornings on JOY and puts together the podcasts of the show.

She is also an occasional presenter on Well, Well, Well, JOY's Thursday night program focusing on HIV and LGBTI health, sponsored by Thorne Harbour Health.


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