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It was a leather women takeover this MAD Wednesday as Dean was joined in the studio by Girl Ang (IMsL 2018), Teagan (IMsLBB 2018), Tyesha, Jesbian, Monica and Bunnee. What an amazing drive show we had discussing women in the leather communities, Australia’s communities and the empowerment within this space on so many levels.

I know, not what you’d expect from your usual MAD Wednesday, but when Girl And let us know that these women would be in town we couldn’t help but get them on for some truly inspirational conversations.

If you are in Melbourne the women are hosting workshops this weekend that look at so many different levels of play and consent under the umbrella of our leather communities that it is well worth checking out no matter what level your experience is or how you identify.

As I (Dean) put this podcast together I just want to thank all these women for giving up their time on their holiday to join us on JOY. I love when we can have important conversations about intersectionality and gender on a drive show that is hosted by two cisgender white gay males and am grateful.

Also, this is the after hours edit, not the edit that went to air, some creative editing needed to happen around some wordplay. Enjoy.


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