Empowering boundaries – Tomboy Workshop


Renee from Tomboy who host an exclusive space for queer women and their LGBTIQ+ friends to come and party joined Robbie and Dean on MAD Wednesday to talk about their latests workshop, on empowered communicating their boundaries in platonic and intimate settings

Tomboy recognises that connecting our community has many elements and this workshop for queer (LGBTIQ) women and non-binary folk intends to help participants understand that boundaries and consent are intertwined. Empowering you to practice the skills you learn about boundaries and consent into all aspects of your life.

Specific examples of places you need boundaries and consent are EVERYWHERE. But some of the areas you might want to apply them to, could be love, sex, relationships, poly / non monogamous dynamics, the workplace, family, kink, social play and then some!

The workshop takes place on 30th November, it goes for 3 hours and the venue in Brunswick is fully wheelchair accessible.

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