LGBTIQA+ Mental Health – how can live more fulfilling lives?

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Morgan Fitzgerald joined Robbie, Dean and guest cohost Simon Dunn on MAD Wednesday to discuss the upcoming LGBTIQA+ Wellness Panel happening at Hares and Hyenas.

Up to 3 million Australians are living with depression or anxiety. This free public event gives them the chance to see five different leaders across the LGBTIQA+ community talk about their thoughts on queer mental health and how they try to live happier and more fulfilling lives. This is an event for anyone who has/is suffering from mental health issues, those close to them or anyone interested in finding out more. Please feel free to join us in this safe space for an evening of great company and conversation

Laird Leatherman Jay Fox,
Entertainer/Journalist Dean Arcuri,
Entertainer Dolly Diamond,
Greens Senator Janet Rice,
and LGBTIQA+ educator Melissa Griffiths,
Hosted and interviewed by Morgan FitzGerald.

Hares & Hyeanas Wednesday 19th Feb at 7pm – click here for more details

Please rsvp to rsvp@hares-hyenas.com.au to ensure entry, or call Hares & Hyenas on (03) 9495 6589 if you would like to reserve your place by telephone or if you have any specific access requirements.
Hares & Hyenas is a fully accessible venue, with an accessible toilet and access to all public spaces at the venue.