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Eurovision is postponed this year, but thanks to the Spanish Leather & Fetish Community, now we have Eurofetish! SLFC came up with the perfect way to inspire and entertain their community as well as others all around the world, with a cheeky kinky take on the world wide music phenomenon – and there are two Aussies competing.

Bruce and Liam joined Rach & Dean on MAD Wednesdays to talk about how they got involved, what we can expect during the comp a why Liam is betraying Australia and representing Estonia.

The comp is taking place Sunday 10th May at 5am AEST and we the public can watch and vote for which performer deserves to win.

Find out all the details here (you will need to download the telegram app to watch) and come join in what we hope will be the first of many EuroFetish Show Contests.



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