Pheno and the Skywhales – Show #188 (part 2), 21 February 2021


Katie has a fascinating chat with Canberra guitarist, singer and composer Pheno (aka Jess Green) about her musical collaboration with visual artist Patricia Piccinini to mark the recent launch of the new hot-air balloon sculpture Skywhalepapa. There are also fabulous new songs by Australian and US artists, and an old favourite from Georgia Fields. Here is the playlist:

  • Friends Like Hers – Izellah
  • Don’t Let Go – Mel Pollard
  • Sweet and Dandy – Tash Sultana
  • We Are the Skywhales – Pheno & Patricia Piccinini
  • Open Orange – Georgia Fields ft. Phia
  • Twenty-Five – Josh Cashman
  • Another Day – Nicole McKinney
  • Favor – Julien Baker
  • Stubborn Love – Edie Brickell & New Bohemians

Above: Pheno & Patricia Piccinini’s ‘We Are the Skywhales’ single artwork by Patricia Piccinini

Visit Pheno’s official website and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.