Love in the asylum – Show #213 (part 1), 29 August 2021


Today’s first hour features some truly outstanding new music by artists from Queensland, Los Angeles, Melbourne, New Zealand and Canada – including a tribute to musicians, artists and programmers by friend-of-the-show Shelley Segal, and a certain football club song. Here is the playlist:

  • Miss Chatelaine – k.d. lang
  • Adelaide – Lontano
  • Sing – Shelley Segal
  • I Know Where I’m Going – Kutcha Edwards
  • Love in the Asylum – Four in the Morning
  • you should do this for a living – Ruby Gill
  • Leave Me Out to Dry – Riley Catherall
  • Stoned at the Nail Salon – Lorde
  • Daylight Savings – SonReal
  • It’s a Grand Old Flag (Melbourne Football Club team song) – The Fable Singers

Above: Four in the Morning’s Stress Dreams EP cover; artwork by Claire Fraze