Tempted – Show #215 (part 1), 12 September 2021


Riding high because her footy team has just made the AFL Grand Final, Katie has a splendid time reading out messages from listeners and playing songs by artists who are just starting out, artists who are in mid-career, and artists who have been around for many years. It’s a great mix! Here is the playlist:

  • A Letter on a Page – Josienne Clarke
  • Serenade – Finn
  • Where Do We Go – Hannah Sands
  • Last Song – Sarah McQuaid
  • Let Me Down Easy – Joshua Moriarty ft. Coco Reilly
  • Feel My Love – Brigitte Bardini
  • I Am Jack Chrome – The Morris Springfield Project
  • Tempted – Abbey Lindsey
  • Ouija Board – French for Rabbits

Above: Abbey Lindsey’s ‘Tempted’ single cover art