Eyes forward – Show #214 (part 2), 5 September 2021


The lovefest of messages from Miss Chatelaine listeners continues in the second hour, with everyone enjoying the beautiful music Katie is playing. The tracks are by artists from Western Australia, New South Wales (including Newcastle, Sydney and the south coast), Melbourne, England, Northern Ireland and the USA. Here is the playlist:

  • Eyes Forward – Tracey Barnett
  • Infinite We Are – Miriam Lieberman
  • Tripwire – Boo Seeka
  • More Like Love – Brigitte Bardini
  • Slipping Through My Fingers – Benjamin Francis Leftwich
  • Samson and Goliath – Dani Larkin
  • Painting Houses – Hiss Golden Messenger
  • Milk – Trash Springfield
  • Silver Stars – Jodi Phillis

Above: Tracey Barnett’s Eyes Forward album cover; artwork by Ben Catley