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It’s St Patrick’s Day! And the Murphy’s are feeling the pull towards their native motherland. Set with a Guinness, and an Irish jig, to be sure, to be sure! Well, maybe not Anna this week, as her neck is shot. You won’t guess who she’s been attacked by.

A man in the UK has ordered the stupidest order at a fast food restaurant this week. And it’s got Anna riled, as she hates being stuck behind idiot people who take too much time ordering with their particular fast food orders. That is, until she realizes mid story she is one!

And Dean has found the perfect app to help him out in life. Turns out, this is all he’s going to need. Shame it’s 8:07am, it’s probably not the right time to talk about it!

Don’t forget the usual Last Man Standing, and Stereotypical. Tune in next Friday from 6:30am next Friday on JOY 94.9!


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