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Neon Nights - 052 - Retrospective

Neon Nights Show #052 “Retrospective”

“Turn around, look at what you see…”

Looking back on one year of Neon Nights, hosted by John von Ahlen on JOY949, we feature interviews and songs by industry legends Erasure (Vince Clarke), Sheena Easton, Pointer Sisters (Ruth Pointer), Limahl, Paul Lekakis, Corona, Marcella Detroit, Martika and SIRPAUL.
Get inside the minds of these amazingly talented superstars!You can catch most of the people I’ve interviewed at the Totally 80’s Festival. which is touring Australia right now (see poster and links below).I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone. I’d like to say thank you to the amazing team of volunteers and staff at JOY949 for all your help and guidance. And a special thank you to Leo Stubbing.And finally…THANK YOU for your amazing support over the last year. Thanks for tuning in and listening to the show every week, and all your feedback and comments on social media.
Here’s to another awesome year.

Electronically Yours,John von Ahlen

Saturday 7pm GMT+10 on JOY949.Tune into JOY 94.9 on your radio, or listen on your computer / mobile device by visiting www.joy.org.au/listenlive

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Check out the playlist below for all tonight’s songs (and download the podcast).

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Grab your tickets here >> http://www.metropolistouring.com/totally80s

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Playlist for Show 052- 9th of July 2016

Neon Nights on JOY949 Neon Nights Theme Australian Content LGBTIQ Content
01 Neon Nights - Interview - 005 - SIRPAUL SIRPAUL Interview Making of new album “Intimate Science” LGBTIQ Content
02 03 Sirpaul - Intimate (Parralox Remix) SIRPAUL Intimate (Parralox Remix) Australian Content LGBTIQ Content
03 Neon Nights - 047 - Pointer Sisters Interview Pointer Sisters – Interview Ruth Pointer chats about the worst things about being famous
04 06 Pointer Sisters - He's So Shy Pointer Sisters He’s So Shy
05 Neon Nights - 046 - Paul Lekakis Interview Paul Lekakis – Interview Involvement in Boom Boom Production LGBTIQ Content
06 09 Paul Lekakis - All Around The World (Parralox Remix - Radio Edit) Paul Lekakis All Around The World (Parralox Remix) Australian Content LGBTIQ Content
07 Neon Nights - 016 - Sheena Easton Sheena Easton What do you think about your relationship with your LGBTI Fans?
08 12 Sheena Easton - Sugar Walls Sheena Easton Sugar Walls
09 Neon Nights - 035 - Corona Interview + Mardi Gras Corona – Interview Why does Rhythm Of The Night have such lasting appeal?
10 15 Corona - Rhythm Of The Night (Fedde Le Grand Remix) Corona Corona – Rhythm Of The Night (Fedde Le Grand Remix)
11 Neon Nights - Interview - 002 - Marcella Detroit Marcella Detroit – Interview What was it like working on the TV show Absolutely Fabulous (AbFab)?
12 18 Marcella Detroit - Stay (Parralox Remix) Marcella Detroit Stay (Parralox Remix) Australian Content LGBTIQ Content
13 Neon Nights - 044 - Limahl Interview - Part 1 Limahl – Interview Did you appreciate your success at the time? LGBTIQ Content
14 21 Limahl - The NeverEnding Story (My Gloomy Machine Remix) Limahl The NeverEnding Story (My Gloomy Machine Remix) LGBTIQ Content
15 Neon Nights - 032 - Martika Interview Martika – Interview What was it like having worldwide success at such a young age?
16 24 Martika - Toy Soldier (G2ILL Remix) Martika Toy Soldier (G2ILL Remix)
17 Neon Nights - 018 - Erasure Erasure – Interview Vince Clarke (Erasure) chats about choosing tracks for the Greatest Hits album “Always” and his thoughts on touring.
18 27 Erasure - Reason (Parralox Remix) Erasure Reason (Parralox Remix) Australian Content LGBTIQ Content

LGBTIQ Content LGBTIQ Content
Australian Artist Australian Content

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About the author: John


John von Ahlen is a Producer / Director based in Melbourne, Australia.

His current project is Parralox, an electronic act that has toured internationally (live shows with Erasure + Little Boots), and achieved chart success in USA, UK and Europe (Billboard / CMJ / German Web Charts / UK Commercial Club Charts).

John has remixed artists such as Erasure, Marcella Detroit, Delta Goodrem, Gina G, Doctor & The Medics, Sigue Sigue Sputnik and many more.

His work for TV / Film includes The Wog Boy, Rove Live, Before The Game, Who's On The Menu (Theme Tune) and music for Neighbors / Home & Away / Queer as Folk (USA).

He also Directs and Animates, check out some of his work here



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